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Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS

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Who is an a.l.p.h.a. volunteer?


a.l.p.h.a. volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations. We believe in the power of diversity and encourage anyone who is interested to volunteer at a.l.p.h.a..


Why volunteer at a.l.p.h.a.?


Volunteering at a.l.p.h.a. takes time and commitment. However, as an a.l.p.h.a. volunteer you will meet wonderful, caring people, have the opportunity to advance to volunteer positions suiting your own personal interests and abilities, and be an important key to the success of our organization.


If you're interested in becoming an a.l.p.h.a. volunteer, contact us at

(208) 424-7799 and ask to speak to the volunteer services coordinator! From there, we'll set you up with an application and get you started!


We <3 our volunteers!


Community Service & Service Learning Opportunities


a.l.p.h.a. currently does and is open to working with individuals who have cummunity services hours, service learning hours, peace corp requirements or any other reason someone may benefit from working with us. Contact us all individuals in a.,l.p.h.a. regardless of why or how they serve us go through the same process. Request to volunteer, an oreintation, training for desired position, and ongoing support in their service to the organization.

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