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Condom Raids

Have you ever been approached by someone in downtown Boise on a Saturday night offering you free condoms?


Chances are that was an a.l.p.h.a. volunteer participating in a Condom Raid.

Because so often people can’t or won’t get their own condoms, a.l.p.h.a. arms a group of dedicated volunteers with “condom kits” (little individual packages containing a condom, lube, candy, and info about a.l.p.h.a.) and sends them out to distribute as much as they can. These raids have been met with extremely positive feedback from the community.


Raided Boise Downtown Locations

  • Pie Hole

  • Mulligans

  • The Balcony

  • The Lucky Dog

  • China Blue

  • The Reef

  • Opa

  • Tom Graineys Sports Pub

  • JT Toads Lounge

  • Dirty Little Roddy's

  • The Bouquet  


If you would like your business or establishment raided or to learn more about it contact our office at 208 424-7799 or e-mail us at